too gay to live

Kill la Kill charms I’ll be selling at Comicpalooza in May! I’ll be selling these online after the con!


finished commissions!! PHEW sorry for the scribbles lately, these are what i was saving my energy for

characters belong to their respective owners, please don’t use these images without their permission

thank you guys for commissioning me and for being so patient!!! there’ll be an interlude before i can take any more again (๑`っ`๑)

WEEPS TY OWL SO MUCH UGH im still so happy with my commission uuuu i’ll keep an eye out for future ones *__*

toiled on this one for a month art is ha r d o)-< i like how it turned out tho

no its not

ur a POOP

first post on the new blog!! henry print for con in a few months

start crying

idk ill think of a better url some time bc blooples was tAKEN but ayeeee new art blog ill make it pretty when im not lazy